10 Game of Thrones Secrets That Every TV Fan Will Love!


10 Game Of Thrones Facts That Make The Popular Show Even Better!

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As popular as George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novels may have been, nobody would ever have expected the HBO series to become a global phenomenon. But as is usually the case, the live-action version is just a slice of the real story, and packed with cool easter eggs most people will never realize. Share this video with your Game of Thrones-addicted friends, and see how many of them already know these 10 Facts You Never Knew About Game of Thrones.


Jon Snow’s Banner | 00:27
Ramsay Almost Played Jon Snow | 1:02
George R. R. Martin Had a Cameo | 1:26
Tywin’s Butchering Scene Was Real | 1:53
King Tommen’s debut | 2:21
The Show Leading The Books | 2:50
A More Scully Cersei | 3:16
Violet Eyes | 3:50
The Real Valyrian Steel | 4:20
The Iron Throne | 5:00

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