$1,250.000 playlist tournament winner gets $1,250.000!! Live Stream GTA 5 Online

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The $1,250.000 playlist challenge tournament. 10 of us run through a 10 stage playlist....winner gets a Great White Shark card worth $1,250.000!!! CONGRATULATIONS to NosPoweR for a great performance and winning first place!!
I SERIOUSLY RECOMMENDED SKIPPING TO 25 MINUTES INTO THE VIDEO FOR EVENT #2 PopeyedGoose's Fist Fight(a deathmatch that I created) IT IS BY FAR THE MOST ENTERTAINING 15 minutes you will watch ever!! Thanks to all the players that participated, it was the most fun I have had in a long time!! I plan on doing more of these playlist challenge in the next few weeks.....SO STAY TUNED and THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!

Gta 5 Online
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