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  • GTA 5 Hulk mod now lets you bodyslam NPCs from helicopters at 10,000 feet

    It's a long way down.


    ulioNIB is best known as the GTA 5 modder bringing The Avengers to Los Santos. His player-made projects include Ghost Rider, The Flash, Iron Man, Dragon Ball Z, Thanos and The Hulk—the latter of which has now been upgraded to devastating effect. Without further ado, here's the new 'HULK v2 script' in motion. It's, dare I say it, pretty Incredible.

    As showcased there, The Hulk now has 17 special abilities including: Super Strength, Auto Heal, Super Jump, Super Sprint, Super Melee Attacks, Grab and Throw, the aptly-named Use Lamp Pole as Baseball Bat… Hulk-sized breath... Jump and Smash Ground, Atomic Slam, Thunder Clap, Jump and Special Attack, Attack Mid-Air Targets, Jump to Mid-Air Vehicles, Take Down Mid-Air Vehicles, Wall Climb, and, my favourite, Rip Off Pilot/Driver From Mid-Air Vehicle. 

    That last one is best demonstrated at the 3.27 mark above. That parachute ain't saving you there, pal.  

    JulioNIB explains players can customize the Green FX with different colors by "checking the suit .ini files, and the fxBaseColor variable (Alpha, Red, Green and Blue)". The creator then explains how to activate the Hulk's 'Wall Climb' manoeuvre, how to grab vehicles in mid-air, and how to perform the aforementioned pull-dude-from-flying-helicopter action.  



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  • ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Passes ‘Wii Sports’ As The Best-Selling Video Game Ever In The U.S.

    ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Passes ‘Wii Sports’ As The Best-Selling Video Game Ever In The U.S.



    Rockstar Games announced an important and impressive milestone today that will likely be a piece of gamer trivia for years to come — Grand Theft Auto Vhas shipped 85 million copies in North America, making it the highest-selling video game in United States history. So, what game did GTA V steal the mantle of highest-selling ever from (with a wallop upside the head with a golf club before it stole the anthropomorphic game’s car)? Wii Sports.

    According to Nintendo, Wii Sports sold 82.3 million copies, in large part because it shipped with the extremely popular (for a time) Wii system. It also sold like gangbusters when it was released as a stand-alone title years later, but likely benefited from Wii users re-purchasing the disc after years of heavy, tendonitis-inducing gaming. GTA V no-doubt made it’s way to the top of the mountain thanks to players revisiting the game over the last half-decade.


    Considering gamers have been sticking with GTA: Online for four years now, it’s not entirely surprising. I’ve personally bought the game on Xbox 360 at launch, PS4, and PC. This last year saw the highest profits for GTA: Online since the GTA V persistent multiplayer mode was introduced, and with over five million copies of Rockstar’s flagship franchise shipped since May, it looks like there’s no stopping it.

    Not surprisingly, Take Two’s earnings report stated that GTA V has made 42 out of 50 monthly top 10 charts, the most appearances of any single title in NPD ranking history.

    The only thing that could possibly stop the expansion of GTA V now is Red Dead Redemption 2. Maybe.

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  • YouTuber Breaks Down In Tears After Being ‘Raped’ On GTA V During Live Stream

    YouTuber Breaks Down In Tears After Being ‘Raped’ On GTA V During Live Stream


    YouTuber Breaks Down In Tears After Being Raped On GTA V During Live Stream 15326102 1329709610425967 56591228135404660 o 1404x936


    YouTuber Brittany Venti was ‘raped’ virtually during a gaming live stream that was hacked by 4Chan users.

    Brittany, who regularly live streams herself playing video games, was hacked by some rather awful users of the image-board website while playing Grand Theft Auto V.

    The hackers placed characters into the game ignoring Brittany’s plea not to.

    YouTuber Breaks Down In Tears After Being Raped On GTA V During Live Stream BRITTANY 1Brittany Venti/YouTube

    Brittany, who is understandably getting increasingly upset, saw her character in the game attacked by the hackers who laughed as the YouTuber starts to cry.

    The hackers joke that they didn’t know that ‘she was that popular’ and also state that they ‘don’t like people like her as you don’t know if they are acting or not’.

    Of course Brittany was not acting as the events of the live stream are enough to traumatise anyone.

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  • Lindsay Lohan's GTA 5 lawsuit has been tossed out of court

    Lindsay Lohan's GTA 5 lawsuit has been tossed out of court




    Lindsay Lohan sued Take-Two Interactive in 2014, claiming that it had used her likeness in Grand Theft Auto 5, and its promotional materials, without her permission. Lohan alleged the character Lacey Jonas was based on her, and then later said the woman in the red bikini was also her, although the Daily Dot had previously confirmed that someone else served as the model for that character. 

    Karen Gravano of Mob Wives tragi-fame filed a similar suit that same year, saying that the character of Andrea Bottino was based on her life and likeness. Both cases have now been tossed out of court. 

    The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York ruled that the lawsuits “must fail because defendants did not use [plaintiffs'] name, portrait, or picture” in the game. “As to Lohan's claim that an avatar in the videogame is she and that her image is used in various images, defendants also never referred to Lohan by name or used her actual name in the videogame, never used Lohan herself as an actor for the videogame, and never used a photograph of Lohan,” the ruling says.   

    “Even if we accept plaintiffs' contentions that the videogame depictions are close enough to be considered representations of the respective plaintiffs, plaintiffs' claims should be dismissed because this videogame does not fall under the statutory definitions of 'advertising' or 'trade',” it continues. “This videogame's unique story, characters, dialogue, and environment, combined with the player's ability to choose how to proceed in the game, render it a work of fiction and satire,” which confers upon it First Amendment protections.

    Finally, Lohan's claim that her image was used to promote the game was tossed because the pictures of the woman in the red bikini “are not of Lohan herself, but merely the avatar in the game that Lohan claims is a depiction of her.” And since that claim was dismissed, there was no foundation remaining for this one.


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