GTA 5 - $2,000,000 NIGHTSHARK GUN RUNNING DLC SPENDING SPREE!! (GTA 5 Online Nightshark DLC Update)

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New GTA 5 Gun Running DLC Update showcase showing the new car HVY Nightshark in this new GTA 5 Online DLC update!

Description of the new GTA 5 car HVY Nightshark from the Rockstar Newswire: "There's a special moment in the life of every successful arms dealer when you realize that everyone else is out to kill you. And when the moment comes, you want a vehicle built exclusively to cater to that particular dilemma. Enter the HVY Nightshark, where you can unleash a hail of bullets in total comfort with its front-facing twin machine guns. Welcome to the new business class - now available exclusively from Warstock Cache & Carry."

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