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GTA 5 - 5 Things You Probably Never Knew You Could Do

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Countless hours in and we're still finding new things in Grand Theft Auto 5. Here's a list of all the stuff you're about to see...1. Fly out of windscreen2. Blow up gas station3. Raise/lower a convertible car's roof4. Wheel spin to popped tyres5. Steal a car with a tow truck6. Shoot the birds7. Ride a cable car8. Make the wobbly man, erm, wobble9. Peer through the telescope10. Create roadkill11. Get drunk12. Base jump off Mount Chiliad13. Play darts14. Enter the prison15. Buy/wear a dress16. Buy Los Santos Customs and get free upgrades17. Flip the bird on a motorbike18. Ride the Ferris Wheel19. Ride the rollercoaster20. Change your phone's settings21. Buy masks22. Ride around a horse racing track23. Get caught up in a police shoot-out24. Push forward on a motorbike to go faster25. Fly the Blimp26. Find the Lost hatch easter egg27. Talk to a zombie28. Head off-road to lose your wanted rating29. Use the Cargo Bob chopper to steal vehicles30. Skydive from any airborne vehicle31. Slide across a car bonnet32. Find and cause havoc in a JCB33. Wheelspin on a body for a bloody show34. Make an NPC drop something by walking into them35. Huff some gas36. Set Chop on people37. Hose down suckers in a fire truck38. Give Michael the Max Payne 3 look39. Find the scuba diving gear40. Steal the fastest car in the game41. Help yourself to the cash register's contents42. Smash a vehicle with a hammer43. Try (and fail) to fight a shark44. Do taxi missions45. Find out that tramps actually have quite a bit of cash on them46. Buy Trevor the jacket from the film, Drive47. Meet up with the other characters and go for a drink48. Try to drive while drunk49. Improve your gun accuracy at Ammu-Nation's shooting range50. Taze a cow51. Join Epsilon and purchase their clothing for $25,00052. Get involved in random fisticuffs53. Mod Trevor's car with horns54. Electrocute yourself at the power stations55. Steal a jet from the army base

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