GTA Online Merry Christmas Newswire! Free Car & Holiday Gifts, Double Cash & Discounts! gta v newswi


Merry Christmas!! Today's Latest Rockstar Games 'GTA Online' Newswire Event News 

Hello Again Awesome Sock Fans!! :D

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy 'Tuesday Newsday' too! It seems Rockstar Games has given us all a great Newswire this year, free gifts including a new muscle car plus lots of really great ways of making money all this week long! :D

Look for more gifts to come in the days ahead too, including this upcoming New Years! :)

Thanks again to you all, my "odd socks" out there, my wonderful "pile of odds"! Big Huge Thanks for Watching Everyone! :)
You're all so very very awesome!! :D
See you all soon for the next news episode!

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