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Watch Funny Clips about GTAV and More

Hello and welcome to the website dedicated to gta 5 funny moments! Humor helps us live longer, so why not laugh as often as we can? Especially since Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto 5 –the game that is spiced up with satiric jokes throughout the entire story.

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We offer you to gta 5 cheats cut from a true blockbuster, which is held ina setting of a modern gangsta world. The plot twists around a life of a retired “legit businessman”, who managed to retain his savings without being accused of every crime under the sun. Taking into account the list of his deeds, he definitely should be serving a sentence in jail rather than enjoying trouble-less existence in a rich house located in a well-respected neighborhood. Of course, the things are not that simple or otherwise GTAV wouldn’t become an undrainable source of gta 5 glitches. For instance, the trouble-less existence turned out to be quite boring and accompanied by a dead-head son, a not-so-smart daughter and unfaithful wife. Trust me; these three characters will deliver you lots of laughs at the beginning of the game! One day, the retired gangster quits his hateful lifestyle of meaningless daytime drinking, and that is the moment when the real fun begins. Even if you have no opportunity to play Grand Theft Auto 5 right now, you can enjoy gta 5 ps4 featuring the most interesting scenes as well as the entire story.

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We are not limited to GTAV footage only! The Internet is full of hilarious ads and other captured on camera scenes. We want to share with you as much Gta 5 Xbox as we can find! Besides, we select the most laughable ones, so you won’t waste your time looking for jokes while there aren’t any present. Watch Gta 5 Online Videos on our website and may your life be brighter and longer!

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