Snatch and sell smartphones, cash, cigarettes with this GTA 5 pickpocket mod

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And punt your stolen wares to a local dealer.

If you've ever played Grand Theft Auto 5, you've probably stolen a car. You've probably owned an illegal gun. And you've probably pulled the trigger. But have you ever dipped someone's pockets—swiping their cash or phone or smokes without them noticing? iLLo's work-in-progress Pickpocket Script has you covered. 

(Spoiler: I'm fairly certain the bespectacled surf person in the header image above is onto us.)


"Bump into them, get the stuff, and get the hell out," says the mod's creatorwhich seems like pretty solid advice. iLLo also explains the mod allows for two approaches: with or without force. I like their words on the latter: "You can either choose to be fast, and brutal, bumping into people, forcing your way out. Or you can play it subtle, like an artist, and arrive slowly behind your victim and discretely grab whatever you want."

Once you've made your mark, stolen goods—single items at a time—can be sold on to a nearby dealer, identified on the map by a green blip. Sure, there are faster ways to earn cash in San Andreas, but who needs the hassle of planning and executing elaborate heists?

Down the line, iLLo plans to add a tiered pickpocketing skill stat, some wanted level adjustments, inventory stashes, and dealers who betray you, rob from you and/or turn you in to the 5-0. Snitches get stitches.  

More information on Pickpocket Script, including installation instructions, can be found on its GTA5-Mods page

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