This GTA 5 mod transforms the game with 70 characters, 50 powerups, battle royale elements

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Complex Control has a lot going on.

Complex Control v1.0 Gameplay.

Ability 1: +30% Health after Blink Teleports
Ability 2: Teleport behind target with Bat, grants 5 second invincibility after Bat elims
Ability 3: Enemies dying on foot will explode

For Download and Info:

Complex Control is a purely SinglePlayer mod coded in C# with high replayability and variety. Combining Roguelites and Battleroyale elements; it feels as though there's always something new to experience every run.

The mod puts the game into a loop once activated. The mod itself has a dependent save system from GTA's. What sets this apart from the typical BattleRoyale experience are the Abilities (Specials) combined with Roguelite elements - Procedural Gameplay / PermaDeath / Permanent Progression.

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